Jeremy Nulik


Jeremy has a Professional Certificate in Foresight from the University of Houston, one of only a handful of accredited programs in the world. As a subject matter expert in the discipline of strategic foresight, Jeremy’s thinking embodies a focused, visionary, innovative point of view that allows organizations to expand their knowledge and practice into domains that, in the past, may have seemed simply unknowable or unforeseeable.

Through his role as a futurist with Bigwidesky, he delivers strategies and methodologies that allow organizations to actively incorporate futures disciplines into their planning. This work provides both insight and a higher degree of confidence in strategic decisions as corporations, non-profit organizations and communities work to understand and anticipate forces and trends that impact the communities they serve.

As a storyteller and journalist, Jeremy has penned tales of the bravery and defeat of remarkable people on the pages of the St. Louis Business Journal, Alive Magazine, Feast Magazine, Entrepreneur’s Quarterly and Small Business Monthly. He has also deployed the tools of journalism to branding, organizational development and communications strategies for companies and associations such as Monsanto, United Soybean Board, Antennas Direct, Flat World Supply Chain and Partners for Progress of Greater St. Charles.

At Bigwidesky, Jeremy applies his strategic and irreverent mind to design futures for associations, brands and the constituents they serve.

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