WEBINAR: Your Future Now

Courageously Face Uncertainty

As leaders, the past year tested our mettle in reacting to change. With so much that still feels uncertain around us, it is hard to know how to think about what is next. Just getting through the day has been enough.

But now, things are shifting. And with the world opening back up, the expectations on you as a leader have become even higher. You feel like so many people are looking to you for what is next? How do we back to work? What is our strategy for getting back to normal? How will we deal with the ripple effects from a global pandemic?

Fortunately, futurists have been working for decades on how to make sense of change and methodologies for moving toward the futures we want. While no webinar would ever be able to solve all your challenges, this session introduces you to a new mindset that can shift how you can build vision and strategy in the midst of uncertainty.

In this session, you will learn:

  1. What strategic foresight is.
  2. How you can begin using foresight in shaping your strategies.
  3. A collaborative game for thinking like a futurist.

Session Info
Your Future Now
August 12, 2021 at 12:00pm CST
Hosted by Ashley Dodge and Jeremy Nulik
Zoom Webinar
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