About Us

We make business more human.

Bigwidesky is a human business consultancy that helps organizations design integral solutions to crises of change. Using strategic foresight, creative communications, human-centered design, organization strategy, and technology, we help leaders traverse the unknown to create greater alignment, communication, systems and engagement.

How we do it.

We all feel it. The world is at a particularly poignant moment of crisis right now. For years, business has worked as a machine, using people as replaceable parts in a soulless system. Our business cultures fail to live up to the aspirations we set for them. Marketing has become unwieldy, untrustworthy and mechanical. The systems and solutions that used to work just don’t work anymore.

We believe the potential exists within every organization to successfully face these crises. Using foresight and our understanding of organizational dynamics, we work to craft innovative solutions for every business challenge, whether it’s a crisis of growth, of communication, of culture or of vision.

Our Values

When in doubt, love.

In the midst of creativity, complexity or when the playing field is just not clear, we act in a way that is the most loving. This creates the best possible outcomes.

Trust first until you cannot.

In all our relationships, we will trust that there is good will and good ethical standing. We will hold to this until we are given good reason to believe differently. This opens us to greater potential futures and honestly, it just feels like the right thing to do.

If it rains, it’s our fault.

In any co-created project there exists the latent outcome of shit hitting the fan. When this happens, we will be the first to accept the circumstances and work to create solutions. We will not seek to blame or to root out fault.

If it’s not beautiful when it is done, it’s wrong.

As communications people, we strive to make every interaction memorable and enjoyable. Our deliverables — from the most elaborate technologies to the most simple designs — are designed to enrich, not hurt.

Be human.

Humans are exceedingly complex and thusly creative. We seek to be our fully integrated selves when we interact with each other, our clients and our community. We show up prepared for what challenges we may face knowing we are not alone.

Everyone messes up. If you're not messing up, you're not trying.

We are innovators. There are not many like us. And so we will have grace with ourselves and each other as we embark on this together. We will make mistakes. Misunderstandings will occur. In these situations, we will be quick to forgive — both ourselves and others.

Communicate courageously.

A necessary component for establishing a basis of trust is open, transparent, two-way dialogue. We will err on the side of outing our feelings, intuitions and understandings. In doing so, we train ourselves and our clients to reciprocate honestly.

If it's worth doing, it's worth having fun doing it.

There is more to this life pursuit than a task list. Our work is a source of joy. And we love the process of making our minds sharper, our clients happier and working through even arduous projects as a team.

Everyone's work and neurology is important and valued.

Some of us are dreamers. Some of us are practical. Whatever our predilections, we value the entirety of another person and believe the diversity of our combined thought is more valuable than any one person’s.

Have vision. Think like a futurist.

"What if" is our animating operating system for all problems. Rather than being hampered by what is difficult, we think first about what is possible. This helps us to find solutions that are not otherwise obvious. Our clients expect this of us.

Always be learning. Seek knowledge and consult your network.

Solutions to complex problems are rarely straightforward. To achieve the outcomes we hope to produce, we check our assumptions and consult our network — both inside and outside of Bigwidesky.

Our Team