Webinar: The Antidote for Future Shock

Learn foresight practices to shift your mindset from futurist Jake Dunagan

As of this writing, we are nearing one million cases of COVID-19 globally. And we are told this is only the beginning. The global pandemic has shaken our public health systems, our collective sanities, our businesses, our livelihoods, and our identities. Already, we are running out of words for “unprecedented.” Who could have foreseen this level of crisis and its attendant uncertainty?

It turns out that you could have. Or, at the very least, you can, today, adapt a mindset for interpreting and understanding the unknown. For decades, there has been a discipline that helps leaders to have courage even in the midst of volatile circumstances. That discipline is strategic foresight.

Join us for a conversation with accomplished futurist Jake Dunagan, director at the Institute for the Future. Through his practice of design futures, Dungan has helped leaders of organizations and communities to experience simulated alternative future realities. Through experiential futures, leaders uncover new insights, create flexible strategies, and build teams that are better adapted for change.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • Practices to unlock a flexible mindset for adapting to crisis.
  • How to encourage your colleagues and teams dealing with uncertainty.

The webinar will also feature a Q&A section during which you can ask a futurist, well, anything you have always wanted to ask a futurist.