My company isn’t growing

You’ve enjoyed the trend line. Growth has been the story of your firm. Maybe you had the best product or service. Maybe you had the only product or service. Maybe you were just scrappier than the competition. Whatever it was, it doesn’t seem to matter now. The line is going horizontal, or perhaps it’s even pointing downward. It seems harder to compete than ever. Marketing has gotten crowded and complex. Your sales and marketing teams are blaming each other. The ocean around you is red.

As change continues to accelerate, we’re seeing that growth isn’t just about building a better mousetrap, writing cleverer slogans, or hiring slicker salespeople. You still need to have great offerings, marketing, and sales, but if you don’t understand what animates your brand’s purpose — the deep human need it serves — your growth strategies can flounder.

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At Bigwidesky, we have a focus on the connection between growth and human need. As Clayton Christensen has said, “[You’ve lost] connection with what causes customers to buy your products in the first place.” Growth in the changing marketplace means designing for the human context into which your brand fits. We can help help you understand and empower the human purpose for your offerings, help you communicate effectively to that purpose, and create a position for your brand that can outfox your competitors and reignite growth.

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