Inspirational Leaders: Making Business More Human

Introducing Cloudbreaks, a documentary video series from Bigwidesky 

From his point-of-view in the kitchen, Frank McGinty saw the looks on peoples’ faces around the table. And from that moment on, he was hooked. 

What he saw was unadulterated joy and genuine conviviality. The simple food that he had concocted and made especially for the diners had been a catalyst for shaping a community and a meaningful experience. And this was something that he had intuited. Something that would never leave him to this day. 

Frank is now the director of sales and marketing for Kaldi’s coffee. And he has taken the fundamental experience that he saw from his days in the kitchen to a larger question of the role of a coffee brand in the lives of the humans that touch that brand. 

Frank’s brief story we captured here answers a fundamental question: How can a company that sells a commodity create a deep, meaningful connection to its audiences in a way that generate growth? 

And we are using Frank’s story, and stories like his, to uncover the ways in which organizations have the potential to place humans at the center of their design decisions. What would happen if what drove our efforts was a genuine desire to serve complex human needs?  

The answer to what is possible is in our series: Cloudbreaks. They are named as such because they can act as a kind of inspiration for leaders for whom off-the-shelf business solutions are no longer satisfying. They are for you if you are a person who is working every day to make your business, organization or community more human.  

If you know of leaders who are doing the work of making their businesses and organizations more human, we would love to feature them as a Cloudbreak, send them over to Erica.

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