My systems aren’t working

It’s worked for years, maybe decades. It’s a management structure, or a set of procedures, or an IT system, or one of any number of other kinds of systems. But now, your new vendor can’t connect to it. The younger people in your organization complain about it or try to work around it. You’re not getting the feedback you need from it. You’ve tried to fix it. You’ve made tweaks. You’ve bolted something on. You’ve paid for training. Nothing seems to work.

As change continues to accelerate, we’re seeing that the informal networks in our businesses are more powerful than the formal systems and structures. You might need to fix or update your system, but if you don’t recognize the power of those informal networks — the humans that connect to and make up your business — your best efforts can fail.


How we explore the unknown

At Bigwidesky, we focus on the connections between systems and people. Useful change means dealing with human issues as well as mechanical issues. We can help you understand and empower the informal networks in your firm, help you communicate to the human needs of your team, and create changes that not only make your new systems work, but make them stick.

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