My employees aren’t getting it

It’s never seemed this hard before. As a leader, you’ve been able to chart a course, and your team would line up in support. At least it seemed that way. Now, the people in your company are pushing back. They don’t like that new system. The younger members of your staff want to have a say in how things are done. Maybe you’ve acquired or merged with another firm and the people just aren’t meshing. The culture of the organization has always been important to you, but now you’re not sure it’s holding together.

As change continues to accelerate, we’re seeing that our business cultures are becoming more important. You still need to point to the horizon, but if the vision you set isn’t meaningful — if it isn’t human — your company culture can easily reject it.


How we explore the unknown

At Bigwidesky, we have a focus on the connection between vision and culture. As Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Making vision effective means dealing with the human needs that allow your culture to align with your vision. We can help you understand and empower the role of your culture, help you communicate to the human needs of your team, and create the kind of alignment between people and vision that enables your preferred futures.

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