Marketing So Organic, It’s Fungal

If you venture into the woods this time of year, do not be surprised to find people far from the beaten path tromping through brush. With their eyes wide and baskets in hand, they scan the ground. They are hunters, and their prey is not a beast, but, rather, a fungus — the illusive morel.

Morels only emerge when exact conditions in soil temperature, sunlight and moisture are met. And the mushroom’s market value reflects this — a restaurant will pay a premium for them. Their high value is based both on what it takes to find them and their unique flavor profile.

However, the mushroom is only a small part of the fungus. Most of the organism is a giant, underground mycelium. This underground network can be vast (acres in size), and it can live and breathe in the earth for thousands of years.

Most of the fungus is not visible above ground, and it’s not reliant upon soil temperature or even the presence of ideal circumstances. It is ruddy, ugly, earthly mycelium.

I use this metaphor not to inspire mycological pursuit. Rather, I implore you to see your communications efforts much like organic fungus in the natural world. Sincerely.

Business owners spend a great deal of time trying to find the next marketing thing that will solve their communication ills. However, most of the real work of marketing is done beneath the surface. Focusing on this aspect of your communications is a better use of your energy than tromping through the weeds looking for an illusive solution.

Check out the full article (or the layout version) in the April issue of Small Business Monthly for four marketing activities that will help your marketing stand the test of time.