“You Can’t Fix Corporate Culture With a Pizza Party With Edie Salter” – Humaneers

Being human means treating our clients like human beings, whose culture is to be explored with curiosity and improved to meet their goals.

The desire to improve a company’s culture is driven by our human needs. Aligning a culture to meet those needs has been proven to improve a company’s overall performance. However, identifying where to get started and, specifically which areas in a business need improvement, requires experienced, curious professionals who are expert at revealing those deep human needs and manifesting transformational solutions.

Bigwidesky are those professionals, and Humaneers explores the culture of the curious minds that make businesses more human

On this latest episode, Content Strategist Dan Pearce and Chief Operating Officer Eric Pratum are joined by Digital Marketing Manager Edie Salter to discuss the unique and complicated nature of company culture and its connection to marketing. She highlights the latest developments of digital marketing, as well as the importance of keeping a “learner’s mind” and asking the right questions.

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