Edie Salter

Digital Marketing Manager

Edie’s digital marketing expertise (the gamut, from strategy to optimization) is merely a conduit for what she actually offers: peace of mind. Fiercely committed to what is good and what is right, she balances high competence with uncommon kindness, sacrificing neither. The effect is a steady calm where there might otherwise be chaos, and a foundation of trust in both the process and the person.

Bridging verticals (from ag to tech) and partnerships (from startup to enterprise), CMOs trust Edie to propose the most efficient plan of action, effective platform, and ethical point of view. Vendors become collaborators. Collaborators become friends. And clients enjoy the singular peace of knowing their project is in good hands, generating outcomes rather than requiring oversight.

On any account, project, or team, Edie is a rock. (She also collects them.)

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