“Starting the Conversation” – Humaneers

Maintaining a meaningful dialogue — even with yourself — is like walking. You put one foot in front of the other, and soon, you are heading out the door and into the world. You establish your thoughts. Your path crosses with other. You allow the world around you to know and shape who you are.

Humaneers is curious about that being you carry out into the world. It is curious because it is borne out of the animating mission of Bigwidesky, to make business more human, or, if you would be so bold, to humaneer.

The show, hosted by Dan Pearce, is a light-hearted look at those in and around the orbit of Bigwidesky, exploring their experiences, insights, and who they are as people.

The show was originally hosted by Jeremy Nulik as an internal dialogue exclusively for the people who are full-time at Bigwidesky. With this revised concept, we have kept the intention the same, but we are extending the guest list and the listenership to people who believe in the mission and vision of Bigwidesky.

On this “relaunch” episode of Humaneers, Dan and Jeremy highlight their expectations of the show and their shared pursuits. They break down some of their experiences and start the dialogue to come with future episodes.

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