“Connecting With People With Ashley Dodge” – Humaneers

The perfect human connection may not exist, but that does not stop us from trying to achieve it. We continue to pursue connections, as imperfect as they may be, and create a web of lasting relationships ready to lift us and shape us to be the people we were born to be.

Humaneers understands the importance of pursuing those connections. It is eager to grab a cup of coffee and chat about important and unimportant topics alike until we can find the commonality of our experiences. This commonality is what we’ve experienced here at Bigwidesky.

This episode, hosted by Dan Pearce and Jeremy Nulik, is about those connections, and we are thrilled to be joined by Bigwidesky’s Director of the Denver office, Ashley Dodge.

Together, we discuss the importance of creating those connections, as well as her experiences in the nonprofit sector and what led her to join Bigwidesky.

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