Stacy Taubman

Vice President of Strategy

Stacy Taubman has a proven track record of inspiring ideas and action in others. Not just identifying problems – anyone can do that – but developing strategic, impactful solutions and achieving measurable success is where Stacy shines. During her time as CEO of three successful startups, Stacy was recognized by NBC News, USA Today, Good Morning America, Bloomberg, and ELLE Magazine as a leader in the multi-billion-dollar coworking industry, and received countless awards for her innovation and leadership. A highly sought-after speaker and moderator, Stacy is a masterful facilitator and business confidante.

In her role as vice president of strategy at Bigwidesky, Stacy helps leaders turn a business vision into an authentic, professional, successful reality. Because she, too, is a visionary with the unique ability to truly understand what it takes to pursue great aspirations and achieve lofty goals.