Case Study


Uncovering a brand's true purpose



The Problem:

Tecsys needed to differentiate their brand from competitors and reshape both internal and external communications to unify their brand identity and mission.

Our Role:

Bigwidesky used our design futures and branding process to uncover the brand’s true purpose, position, mission and vision.

Tecsys is a $70 million supply chain and logistics company based in Montreal. The brand has been a well-respected presence in the marketplace for 36 years and increasingly found itself on the playing field with even larger providers such as SAP.

Unlike its behemoth competitors, Tecsys’ unique position is guiding good companies on their path to greatness through creative, collaborative approaches to supply chain transformation. The new brand was also a transformation in the marketplace — with vibrant colors reflecting the company’s passion and linking graphics suggesting Tecsys’ unique ability to recognize pathways in supply chains.

Bigwidesky designed and developed the new Tecsys website.

Bigwidesky used our design futures and branding process to uncover the brand’s true purpose, position, mission and vision and then led Tecsys through a brand launch consisting of a communications platform, logo, corporate website, brand graphics, explainer videos, recruitment website, social media strategy, PR strategy and execution, and much more.

The branding process was a journey, taking a well-known and positioned company in the marketplace, and highlighting what makes them uniquely different and wonderful, while maintaining their family values and old-school charm. The Tecsys team and employees were involved throughout the process to help streamline the launch and create a cohesive brand that felt truly like them.

One thing that the Tecsys executive team had avoided for years was the media. Through the new brand, we helped to develop a PR strategy that included media outreach and bylined articles with some major publications in the industry. Not only has this helped them to gain some attention, but it has also created a fun and excited atmosphere within Tecsys, especially among those bylined authors who are writing content on behalf of the company. This once media-shy company is now excited for new PR opportunities and to showcase their vibrant brand.

Since the launch of the new brand, Tecsys has grown 42% and is looking forward to the continued growth.

“For businesses to get more value from their brands, they must quit thinking of branding as a marketing-specific budget item and start looking at it as a companywide investment.”

Laurie McGrath, CMO, Tecsys, Inc.

Bigwidesky created a brand video that revealed to new Tecsys brand