Bryan Carle

Business Development Manager

Bryan grew up in the shadow of innovation giants like Boeing, Microsoft and Amazon. Even at an early age, riding his bike through the sylvan hillsides of Seattle suburbs, he knew he was destined for an eclectic and interesting life – one that involved making thriving businesses and organizations better for the humans in them. Bryan’s intuition came true.  

Now a Midwesterner, Bryan supports Bigwidesky in its mission to make business more human. In his role as the business development manager, Bryan provides a welcoming introduction to leaders of businesses and organizations that are looking to design their preferred futures.  

After studying for a degree in applied linguistics at Portland State University, Bryan took his intuition about human-centered thinking across a wide variety of industries. From financial and law to academia, he found ways to build systems to protect the emotional needs of people within organizations and systems. Eventually Bryan found his niche in the world of fashion and design as a creative director at innovative e-commerce companies: Amazon Fashion and Zulily. Daily he would be called upon to fully capture the essence of heavyweight brands – Clarks, NYDJ, Sperry, G-Star – and execute entire photo shoots within a matter of minutes.