Crop Circles linked to tired iPhone Drone pilot

Dog owners who frequent the Barkin Park dog park in Las Vegas, Nevada were astounded yesterday morning to discover a series of mysterious, grouped circles carved into the dog park lawn. The well-maintained property is closed after midnight, but upon opening its gates Thursday morning, caretaker Bob Geller was making his usual rounds collecting errant dog deposits, when he noticed the circles.

“I’ve seen some odd things on the grounds, no question” stated Mr. Geller, Barkin Park’s morning lawn manager, “but these circles were truly funky, like those crop circles you hear about in farmer’s fields. The cuts were small and in perfect groups of four – and I mean PERFECT. And there were at least 50 or 60 of these quad circles plunked all over the park. When the usual a.m. crowd of walkers arrived, their jaws just dropped – and a couple of them fell and kissed the ground, which, you know, I personally wouldn’t advise in a dog park.

Upon further investigation, however, the mystery was soon solved. An ambitious exhibitor from the nearby Consumer Electronics Show (CES) had been testing the range of his demonstration, the Parrot AR Drone Quad Copter, the first copter that can be controlled though an iPhone with WiFi technology, when he simply got tired.

“It’s not like an iPhone is that heavy” said Mark Twinter, Parrot’s designated demonstrator for the CES late shift, “but it’s been a long day with a lot of flights and I thought I’d take a walk, just to wake up. So I took the AR outside for a spin near that park. Next thing I know I’m nodding off and waking up, nodding and waking. I guess it just shows if you really wanted you could mow a small lawn with this thing. I even have a lot of interest now from barbers who think they could quadruple their business if they group a set of four chairs, just for that purpose. Nutty.”

The crop circle mystery solved, disappointed UFO hunters who had congregated upon hearing the news of the dog park feature, headed off to more lucrative extraterrestrial ventures, many of them pursuing Area 51.

“Hey, we’re in Nevada already” said Ned Parker of Mesa, AZ. “If we can’t see real crop circles, maybe we can track down something else freaky. You won’t find that in Las Vegas, that’s for sure.”

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