How to Make Your Business More Human

Every day over 80 percent of the humans around us awake, get dressed and head into do a job they hate. At the same time, CEOs’ expectations for increased creativity and innovation from those humans are on the rise.

Eliot Frick Keynote Presentation at AMA Luncheon

Eliot Frick founded Bigwidesky out of an effort to help business leaders view their organizations as a canvas with which we can achieve greater human fulfillment while making profits.

Recently our founder, Eliot Frick, was interviewed by Michael Greenberg of the St. Louis Business Radio about that very conundrum.

“There is an extraordinary amount of creativity out there,” said Eliot. “We know that CEOs want this. They want access to it. There is so much untapped creativity, I contend, that comes from the fact there is all these great ideas and all this great thinking that is either missed or doesn’t get presented in a way that is human enough to be adopted. So making business more human can address that. It can make more creativity happen more consistently.”

We entreat you to take a pause over your holiday weekend and listen to ways that you can make your business more human.