Apple Loosens Restrictions on Third-Party Development Tools

I’m referring to the much-publicized spat between Apple and Adobe over Flash. By long-standing, I’m referring to the mutually-beneficial relationship Adobe has shared with Apple since the early days of digital graphic design.

As an iPhone user and a Flash developer, nothing was more painful than knowing I wouldn’t be able to use flash-based tools to create my very own farting machine. So it was nice to hear that Apple has recently loosened it’s application development restrictions, as stated on drawlogic’s website.

Sadly, the lightened restrictions only apply to application development. This means that iPhone users will continue to surf the web without Flash. Developers will, however, be able to develop applications for the iPhone using Flash. Is this a good thing?

Flash Developers  – definitely yes

iPhone Users more cool & dumb stuff to waste time and money on than ever before

The Guys who approve submissions to the Apple App Storeused to be a fun job, may get a bit annoying now