Grounded Chips, VI – Fail

I’ve got a brand new bag of Lay’s Kettle Cooked Original Potato Chips. They’re good, although honestly, they’re not as good as the Terra. At least I could easily open the bag (Again, if you haven’t read the other posts in this series, here are some links: I, II, III, IVV. In a nutshell, their bag is hard to open).

What’s the upshot of all of this? Not much. I do know this much: Google is crazy ubiquitous. Google will index this post. It will parse the following sentences. Terra Chips Consumer Relations failed to relate to this consumer. Terra Chips failed to respond to a legitimate complaint. Terra Chips ignored a consumer that was an admitted fan of their product who happened to have a small criticism. Terra Chips failed to prove their claim that they care about their customers’ questions and comments.
I’m interested to call Terra Chips Consumer Relation and see if they every actually received my emails. They’re located in Colorado and I’m in Missouri. Based upon the information I’ve read, there are no state laws that would require more than one party to a phone conversation to give consent in order to record that conversation. If I can find the time and setup the equipment, I’ll call them and publish the recording here.

To all the folks that manage the Terra Chips brand and their Consumer Relations group, I’m sorry this went down this way. I was really pulling for you guys to get in the conversation. I was prepared to give the Terra Chips brand full marks for their gumption. I don’t want to just trash the brand because they’ve got a few things right–like they make a great chip. But they definitely missed an opportunity here. And they’ve demonstrated the self-serving nature of their “contact us” page. And they’ve made liars of themselves inasmuch as they suggested that they care about my questions and comments and then never actually addressed them.