Grounded Chips, V

So there are just crumbs in the bag of chips. It’s late Sunday night here. I’d like to give the Terra Chips folks one more business day to respond. (If you don’t know the story, you can view the posts leading to this one: I, II, III, IV.)

I’ve sent them the last notice of sorts. It reads:

“Dear Terra Chips Consumer Relations,
Eliot Frick here. I’ve sent you three emails through your “contact us” form. This one makes my fourth. By now, I have a hard time imagining that no one there is aware of my attempts to get a response from someone other than an autoresponder at your company. I’ve been discussing it on my blog. You can find the discussion here:
Read the “Grounded Chips” posts. There are links at other blogs now as well. For example here:
…and in the comments thread here:
Per the suggestion of one of my readers, I’ve decided to set a deadline of the day that we finish the bag of chips to receive a response from you. At that point, if I (and my readers) haven’t received a response, I suppose I’ll have to conclude that you don’t really care about my questions and comments. We’re down to crumbs at the bottom of the bag as of this evening (Sunday the 17th). I want y’all to pull it out at the 11th hour, so I’m going to give it until the end of the day tomorrow before concluding anything.
I suppose it doesn’t really matter that much if you don’t respond. I mean, the world will keep turning. You’ll keep selling chips. But this has been a genuine, good-faith request on my part. I think anyone who reads the blog will agree. They may also come to some conclusions about your brand based upon your response, or lack thereof.
Best Wishes,
Eliot Frick”

Not looking good I’m afraid. But I won’t rule out a last minute save. Good luck, Terra Chips Consumer Relations! I’m pullin’ for ya!