Grounded Chips, III

Another day goes by with no response from Terra Chips Consumer Relations (If you haven’t read the first post on the subject, you can go here and do so). I’d like to think the lack of response is not because their conception of consumer relations includes ignoring the consumer for two days. I’d like to think it is because they’re really busy and just haven’t gotten around to responding. That’s my hope because I still like the product. It really does taste great. Get a bag for yourself and note first how difficult it is to open but then how good the chips are.

I really don’t expect anything from them. I don’t need free chips or anything like that. Mostly, I’d just like to know that they heard me. I don’t expect them to change for me, but I would hope they could at least do me the courtesy of offering some explanation for my experience. Maybe it’s the intended behavior of the package. Maybe they’re trying to say, “hey it’s hard work to get the bag open which is done out of respect for how great the chips are—y’know, like ya gotta work for it.” Whatever the reason for the packaging and for the nature of the contact form, I can’t see how it would be particularly onerous for them to explain it to me. I did give them my address after all.

In the interest of the benefit of the doubt, I just sent them another message through their contact form. Here it is:

“Dear Terra Chips Consumer Relations,
I used the form on the “contact us” page of your site to inform you of the difficulty I have opening bags of Terra Kettles. I was going to leave it at that, but my experience with your website was frustrating and so I decided to let you know about that experience and share it with the readers of my blog. It is now approaching the end of a second business day since I offered these insights and despite being told in the auto-reply that my “questions and comments are very important to [you]” I haven’t received any response. I’m sure this is an oversight on your part.
I don’t want to assume that you in fact do not consider my experience with your brand important so I thought I would write again and let you know I have, in fact, written about the experience on my blog. You can read about it at – the title of the post is “Grounded Chips”. I’m still awaiting some kind of response from you so that I can tell everyone what a responsive and authentically human brand you have.
Here’s to your great-tasting chips and the expectation that you will be in touch post haste.
Thank you,
Eliot Frick”

Looking at the site, one can see that they don’t seem to have any hesitation displaying the positive feedback they receive from customers. Let’s hope they don’t have any hesitation dealing with critical feedback. At some point, if I don’t receive a response, I’m going to have to conclude otherwise.