David Chancellor: Where Quirky Meets Brilliance

Have you ever met a person and instantly felt like their aura, their essence, their very soul, was giving you a hug? Just being in their presence makes you happy and next thing you know you’re smiling ear-to-ear just looking at them? If you’ve never experienced that feeling, first of all that’s sad and I’m sorry. Secondly, you need to meet David Chancellor.

Not only is David one of the owners of Climb So iLL, he is heavily involved in the nonprofit organization 1Climb and the nonprofit BETA Fund. But he is more than a successful business owner and entrepreneur. He also has an adorable family, travels the world, rides a motorcycle and balances chairs on his chin. This guy is UNSTOPPABLE! And this passion, this aura is why he is successful and what makes him uniquely human, unapologentically David. This unstoppability has pushed his influence well beyond St. Louis. David’s human-centered passion has taken him nationwide.

The first thing you see when David walks into a room is a wild mane of rad dreadlocks. And then he smiles at you. And your defenses are let down. You will instantly understand why David was named “Beyond the Best” by Streetscape Magazine. Or more so, how he could be friends with Jason Momoa. David truly has the most amazing Instagram Stories, check them out if you want to see some David/Jason Momoa bonding. But it’s not just his looks and his personality that makes him a great leader. He channels his quirks and personality into a number of outlets.

1Climb began with a shared desire to take kids climbing and to take climbing to the kids. They partnered with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and are changing the lives of kids via building climbing walls in their club facilities and taking their club members to local climbing gyms.

BETA Fund exists to protect outdoor resources in the Midwest for the purposes of recreational rock climbing and hiking. They are committed to fostering an appreciation for the outdoors in current and future generations through environmental advocacy, educational outreach and community service.

We had the fortune of talking with David about what it means to him to be human in realizing entrepreneurial vision and how his experiences are shaping the world. His insights are among the most enjoyable moments we’ve ever had interviewing a business leader.

“The best place to start is passion and people. This cultivates everything we do. By putting the people first and the passion first, the money is a byproduct of that. It just naturally comes.”

Check out the full interview BELOW and be sure to go give David and Climb So iLL some love. We’ve linked David’s Instagram so you can spend hours stalking him, you can thank us later.

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