The Not-So-Subtle Power of a Thank You Card

Thoughtful. Simple. Genuine. In today’s age, dare I say they appear as a nostalgic act of kindness? This gesture doesn’t have to be such expression of nostalgia. A small act really does go a long way. One of our team members had a memorable ecommerce engagement that left her thinking, “Why aren’t more brands doing this?”

Here is a sweet story of a thank you card and how a brand is doing it right.

Know that comfortable feeling you get when you’re with a close friend? That was an unexpected delight when Bigwidesky’s Haley Black received an added bonus in a delivery on her doorstep.

Omaze card

A creative twist on philanthropy.

Instagram scrolling came to a screeching halt when an eye-catching post captured Haley’s attention. Omaze, a humble organization whose philosophy is simply, “Good things happen to those who give,” flirted with her interest.  The organization’s offer is simple-give the gift of experience.

Want a chance to see “Hamilton?” Spend some time in the writers’ room on “Late Night with Seth Meyers?” How about joining a game night hosted by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard? These dream scenarios can be reality. With Omaze, donating money to some causes can put you in a raffle to win some of these surreal experiences. Other campaigns reciprocate the donation with the option to choose a tangible item, as Haley did in the form of a cool shirt.  The overall concept captures the fine art of creatively motivating world changers. Who are world changers exactly? According to Omaze, “World changers are the charities on the ground, working tirelessly to better people’s lives; the influencers, brands and personalities that use their reach for good; and extraordinary people like you who want to make a difference, and have fun doing it.” Bam. No wonder Haley was sold on this concept.

And she thought she was just getting a shirt…

A genuine, kind-spirited individual at heart, it’s not surprising that Haley is into the act of giving.  In an effort to support Planned Parenthood, a cause she is passionate about, Haley thoughtfully ordered a t-shirt that read, “United We Plan.” Knowing a portion of the proceeds went to the cause, it felt more selfless and giving than simply adding a luxury item to her closet. The shirt was expected. The card, not expected.  The sweet, somehow personal-feeling, quirky, thank you card was a delightful gesture that warmed her heart as much as the tangible tee.

Haley feels the card was “a further expression of the experience they wanted me to have with the shirt.” Branding is essentially how humans feel when they interact with you. Mission accomplished. I had more questions for Haley…

What delighted you the most about this experience?

“The tone of the card sounded like a conversation with a really good friend. It was cute, catchy and just so real.  I was identified and thanked for being part of a community that changes the world.”

How did that action change the way you control with your own brand?

“I learned to have a more comfortable voice in written communication. I want others to engage in our brand and human transaction. I want it to feel like a friend they invited in.“

Omaze card

It’s all about the communication.

“Messaging is everything.  You have to have a website, social media, and make sure that you’re reaching humans on a human level by being your most authentic truthfully self.” Haley continues, “Don’t be scared to be your most authentic, truthful self. When it’s business it feels less natural to really be you.  We’re not cogs.”

Omaze, you amaze us. We’re totally not swooning…