Bill Gates Doing the Promo Circuit

I don’t watch that much TV and I’ve seen Bill Gates on at least two talk shows last week; The Daily Show and the Today Show. I’m sure there were more.

Perhaps I’ve never noticed this tactic before, but he’s promoting Windows Vista just like Bruce Willis would be promoting his latest blockbuster film. The Daily Show interview was very entertaining and worth a look.

Here’s a link to it:

Has Microsoft done this in the past? Has Jobs hit the talk show circuits too? He hasn’t as far as I know and I don’t think its common for CEO’s to use this medium to promote new product launches. I just found this interesting and wonder how much interest it has generated in the new operating system. This may be a new role for Mr. Gates now that he is not as active in the day to day business. If so, they may want to give him a little more coaching so he doesn’t appear so awkward.