Amid client deadlines, emerging technology, and business strategy, the culture of an organization can sometimes fall below the radar; its presence drowned out by the grinding and churning of systems and digital developments. Since the dawn of Taylorism in the late 19th century, the concept of organization has been viewed through a scientific lens. Employees are cogs in a machine rather than dynamic and creative beings.

At Bigwidesky, we believe in making business more human, in placing people at the heart of an organization. Understanding and translating human needs into the values, systems, and overall strategy of your business provides a variety of benefits: Employees feel valued, change becomes easier to metabolize, and, most importantly, culture becomes aligned to company vision.

“Human beings work based on their images of the future.” 

—Jeremy Nulik, futurist at Bigwidesky. 

Vision is fundamental. Vision is crucial. Vision is human.

During an interview with Ron Ameln, publisher of Small Business Monthly , Bigwidesky futurist, Jeremy Nulik, discusses how improving company culture starts with articulating a vision. For vision transcends into every aspect of an organization, guiding decision making and reinforcing company values. The reason is, “Human beings work based on their images of the future,” says Jeremy.

In establishing clear vision for your company, you may feel lost; unaware of how or where to begin. Jeremy entreats leaders to start by looking within and then articulating a vision that meets the following two, simple standards.  

1. Inspiring. It should be exciting and audacious.  

2. Strategically sound. People ought to be able to see themselves in that vision and know why it matters. 

Learn how to invoke your imagination, exercise your future vision, and align your company culture. 

Also, if you want more, you can find more tools to craft vision and align company culture.

“I’ve found collaboration to be central to the most important, and most meaningful, projects that I’ve participated in or that I’ve witnessed in amazement.” –Dr. Shelle VanEtten de Sanchez 

One of the most notable values of Bigwidesky is our emphasis on being human. This means that our team encourages the wildly creative and beautifully imperfect essence of the human mind. Initiative and imagination are emboldened, and mistakes are celebrated. 

Our emphasis on being human heavily influences the core of how our team members communicate: through active collaboration. We seek and consult networks of other professionals. We open our ideas to the input and sometimes scrutiny of people inside and outside of our consultancy.  

Our candid version of teamwork allows our employees to connect their ideas and create meaningful work that they otherwise could not have accomplished on their own. Especially now, while we are operating in remote settings, we thrive through the power of collaboration and value the unique skills each human on our team brings to the table.  

Dr. Shelle VanEtten de Sanchez advocates for a kind of teamwork that is resonant with ours. She insists that effective collaboration is central to the beauty of a project and the success of a team.  

Check out her message here and find ways to strive for true collaboration with your fellow humans.

“The Power of Collaboration” Dr. Shelle VanEtten de Sanchez: