Free Session: How to Realize Your Vision in a Post-COVID World

Free session on retaining growth mindset in the midst of uncertainty from Bigwidesky and Enterprise University

It’s been a year. Safe to say that, no matter your plans or strategies, those likely went out the window when a global pandemic disrupted our lives.

And, even after a year, the uncertainty continues. Leaders like you have faced waves of change. And the go-to methods for how you can meet business challenges do not feel adequate to meet the challenge.

How can you thoughtfully and confidently make decisions amid uncertainty? How can you realize your vision in a post-COVID world?

Out of this challenge, Enterprise University is presenting a free session, Business Earthquakes: Cultivating a Change-Ready Organization (Thursday, April 29, 2021 (2:00 PM – 3:30 PM CDT). Based on research into strategic foresight, Bigwidesky facilitators will provide business leaders with capacity-building tools and insights on new growth possiblities.

You should attend this session if you:

  • want to get your organization out of survival mode and into growth.
  • must increase your organization’s capacity for change.
  • need to align others behind your vision.

Instructed by:

  • Eliot Frick, founder and CEO, Bigwidesky
  • Jeremy Nulik, futurist, Bigwidesky
  • Kathryn Jamboretz, moderator, Bigwidesky