The Politics of Deceptive Advertising

Today is November 7th, Election Day. I am thrilled that after today I won’t have to be bombarded with political ads that highlight everything people hate about advertising.

Between the MO Senatorial race candidates (R – Jim Talent and D – Claire McCaskill) and the proposed State Constitutional Amendments (Stem Cell Research, Tobacco Tax) I couldn’t tell you what to vote based on the ads. As the Election Day came closer and closer one camp would put out an ad making a negative claim against their opponent and a day later the opposing camp would completely discredit the claim and lash back with another negative claim.

The proportion of negative attacks vs. image-building ads has gotten more and more distorted over the years. If Nike and Adidas pulled these same tactics people would buy Reebok and sales would plummet. Too bad our political candidate and their parties still employ tactics that create decisions based on “the least of all evils” instead of the genuine embodiment of a candidate’s values and credentials.

OK – rant over.