Paradigms and Their Servants

Matt has a post in which he points out the folly of the advertising agency that does not post their work on YouTube. His point seems painfully obvious, and yet, as he points out in his post, many do not. As to why this is the case, I think Thomas Kuhn’s watershed “The Structure of Scentific Revolutions” offers a simple explanation. Basically, those whose life’s work has been in the service of a particular paradigm are understandably reticent about the possibility of having that paradigm overturned.

Marketing blogger, CoolzOr provides an example of this in action. He has been served a DCMA notice from YouTube because he had posted a PSA about drunk driving which British ad agency, Lyle Bailie International cited as a copyright infringement. What does Lyle Bailie think they have accomplished by this, except to have limited the reach of a PSA about drunk driving, and demonstrated to the world that they are bullies?

Anyway, I’d wager it is exactly this kind of old-paradigm thinking that provides the space for early adopters create novelty while the incumbents sit by and watch.
h/t – Ilya Vedrashko at the MIT Advertising Lab blog