Kevin Farr


Kevin is a typical Bigwidesky human in that he is not at all a typical businessperson. He is many things. He is an artist, a philosopher and stakeholder capitalist. He has been a student and practitioner of the arts, business philosophy and organizational behavior for over fifteen years. He loves learning new models for understanding complex systems so much that’s he’s currently undertaking an Executive MBA program at Washington University Olin School of Business and has seemingly unending plans for further study.

Kevin’s clients have included Apple, Beats by Dre, Microsoft, Logitech, FDA, American Red Cross, ChildFund International, FOX Networks, HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central, Microsoft, Cox Communications, Abbott Nutrition, Schreiber Foods, Procter & Gamble; as well as small and midsize start-ups and boutique to global agencies.

His expertise includes innovation across brand, marketing operations, business models, service design, culture design, operational experience, media integration and content marketing. He particularly loves helping teams engage with purpose and intent with the goal to design business systems that improve stakeholder experiences and enhance the value chain.