Althea Alonto

Strategy Director

Althea Alonto is a marketing expert passionate about crafting innovative marketing strategies that truly resonate with people. With experience working for Fortune 500 companies like Shell Polymers and smaller agencies, Althea brings a unique level of knowledge to her work. Her expertise in content strategy, social media management, brand strategy, and email marketing make her a versatile and asset to any team. 

What sets Althea apart is her commitment to inclusivity. She believes marketing should be about expanding boundaries and creating fulfilling experiences for everyone involved. Her approach is both smart and approachable, and her love for crafting fun and engaging campaigns shines through in her work. 

Whether developing a brand strategy or launching a new social media campaign, Althea’s dedication to creating meaningful connections with customers is always at the forefront of her mind. Her talent for combining creativity and strategy makes her the marketing expert to help your business reach new heights.