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A name is just the beginning


Phibro Animal Health

The Problem:

Phibro Animal Health needed names for their global products, but they faced several obstacles. The subjective nature of a name, coupled with the need for a strategic naming process and the challenge of trademarking stipulations, created a difficult environment for developing product names that aligned with their brand and passed through all legal channels.

Our Role:

We evaluated their internal challenges and analyzed the purpose, position, mission, and vision of their product brand. Following our assessments, we customized our archetypal naming process to fit the needs of Phibro, connecting the new names of their products to the values and vision of their organization.

Phibro Animal Health is a global organization with a mission to improve the health, nutrition, and welfare of domesticated animals across the globe.

They produce and distribute a wide variety of products, from medicated feed additives to vaccines, and specialty and mineral nutrition ingredients. Their specially designed products work to support the health and immunity of domesticated animals, which in turn, promotes a healthy, affordable food supply by helping farmers responsibly care for their animals.

Phibro Animal Health came to Bigwidesky in search of new names for three of their international products. Immediately, our team was presented with two discernable challenges: these products are sold internationally, which added a layer of complexity in terms of global languages, and Phibro currently sells more than 1,500 products worldwide, making the creation of unique and on-brand names difficult. So, before Bigwidesky began crafting names, our team focused on undertaking a naming process that aligned with Phibro’s organizational and cultural structure.

Using Bigwidesky’s evaluation tool, EvaporationTM, we assessed Phibro’s organizational culture, discovering internal constraints that hindered their process for developing names. These challenges were communication related issues and stemmed from a need for a strategic naming process. Then, we used SubstancingTM, our proprietary branding tool, to deepen our understanding of the products they were attempting to name by exploring the products’ purpose and position. These evaluations allowed us to apply informed solutions to the challenges that faced their culture while developing a strategic framework for Phibro’s name formulation — one that translates into both the product’s brand and their organization’s vision.

Following our internal analysis, we turned our attention to the task at hand: the creation of three new names. The data gathered throughout the Evaporation and Substancing exercises provided a strategic foundation for guiding our creative development of meaningful, on-target names. Additionally, we customized our archetypal process to accommodate Phibro’s internal decision-making culture.

The purpose of our archetypal naming process is to illustrate how a potential name resonates with Phibro’s organization and the product’s brand. We find that a foundation of fact and a reinforcement of connection help combat the subjectivity that occurs when choosing a name.

An example of a brand archetype.

We delivered three names that passed through trademark stipulations and international market complexities, intrinsically connected to the brand, reflected the purpose and position of their products, and aligned with the vision of Phibro leadership.

Creating a name can be a difficult endeavor that’s accompanied by many challenges. For Phibro, the name was just the beginning. With our human-centered approach, we uncovered the deeper issues that faced both their internal team and organization and created a customized naming process that is backed by strategy and grounded in their vision. In the future, when a new product is created and a new name is needed, Phibro now has the tools, the structure, and the foundation for success.

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